I had one goal in mind in designing these workshops:  practical application.  

These workshops are not “escapes” where you go to have an experience and then return to the same life you left.  You will learn accessible skills that will continue transforming your life for as long as you continue to do the work.  You will leave knowing what to do to create continuing, positive change.

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I also design specific workshops based on your students’ needs.


Featured Signature Workshops:


This workshop is about choice and freedom.  We live in a cause and effect world:  you act on a choice; you get a result.  When you choose, as most everyone does, from habit, desire, or mental analysis, you become a slave to life’s rollercoaster of fulfillment and disappointment, clarity and confusion, and you will never exit that ride.  

There is a solution.  Millennia of spiritual practice have shown that you can establish a clear and conscious communication with an inner wisdom and truth that you have (that everyone has!), and then live from that connection.  You can get off the rollercoaster, establish some peace and purpose in your life, and start making decisions that have the best outcome for you and everyone around you.  It’s the one way you can be consistently fulfilled in life, and this workshop will give you the Purna Yoga template for making it happen.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • The one story that is happening in the Universe (yes, there is only one) and your role in that story, also known as your life’s purpose or dharma

  • Heartfull Meditation™ techniques that will help you to connect with and listen to your inner wisdom 

  • Purna Yoga asana strategies to free you from the limitations of your past and open you to the potential of your future

  • How your routine, daily life is offering you a rich playing field for growth and transformation, and how you can take advantage of that opportunity and make your life your practice

You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of practical, manageable, and proven practices that will help you live a better life in a better way.  I know from my own experience that these techniques can get you off the rollercoaster and help you to create a life that is more consistently fulfilling and beautiful.  Join me and find the freedom to choose with wisdom, clarity, and love.


Yoga creates a soul-based consciousness.  However, this consciousness interacts with the world through your physical body, so it is important that your body be open, strong and aligned to optimize your soul’s expression through form.  This program presents essential information based on the biomechanics of the body that you must know to have a safe and effective asana practice.   It also teaches you how to practice asana with the intention of moving your soul into your body. Discover how to use asana to elevate consciousness, not just to create physical health.  


A decision to change may happen in an instant; the work to integrate that change into daily life takes time.  This program gives you enough time to start transitioning from yoga as a “good idea” to yoga as a consistent practice.  You will learn several asana series that will give you a complete home practice for life.  You will practice Heartfull Meditation techniques that you can use discreetly throughout your day to keep you connected to your soul while engaged in daily in life.  And the big lessons of yogic philosophy will stop being something you read in a book and become something you apply to your personal circumstances with positive outcome.  This program brings together all the pieces of the puzzle over a 5-day format to give you a powerful methodology for personal growth and fulfillment.