The meditation techniques were wonderful and practical. Brad was very compassionate and truthful and helped reinforce my strengths and positive qualities as a person first and a teacher second. If you want to become a yoga teacher, this is the course to take. You will not regret it.
— Gonna Duffels, yoga teacher
The course was well rounded, incorporating all aspects on one’s life, which made the it meaningful and relevant. I appreciated Brad’s intelligence, clarity of thought and superior ability to articulate and communicate the message.
— MR, teacher and 2016 graduate
Purna Yoga teacher training was life changing in every aspect. Brad has a grounding presence, and an amazing understanding of human anatomy. His teaching style is clear and precise in every pose, using poetic metaphors to help students understand the deeper meaning.
— JF, 2013 graduate
Brad’s personality, integrity, understanding of the subject and devotion to his own study is extremely apparent and appreciated.
— Greg Sumsion, advertising and marketing sales, 2016
I feel that I have grown a lot as an individual through the course of this program and now can’t imagine myself without the knowledge I have gained. Brad was supportive, caring, outgoing,and made himself available to the students in every moment. I was never shy to ask a question and he made me feel as though this course was where I needed to be at this point in my life. I am so grateful for his instruction and support throughout.
— Tasia Mathot, student
I expected to learn asana but learned how to be a better version of myself. This course has given me the direction and focus that I needed. I have learned how to heal myself and have amazing tools to live a fuller life.
— Stephanie Enright, HR manager and 2016 graduate
The course instructor is super-knowledgeable, personable, and professional, has excellent presentation and communication skills and was energetically tuned into the class. The course was excellent not only for learning to teach a safe alignment-based asana practice to beginners but the principles are applicable to any level and any style of yoga practice. In addition to asana, the course promoted personal growth in a holistic manner relative to a modern day yoga practice. This course rocks!
— Deborah Dawkins, studio owner and teacher
If there is only one 200 hour training you can take in a lifetime – I recommend the College of Purna Yoga Vancouver with Brad Waites. I have never attended a training ever in my life that has been so well delivered and presented.
— MC, 2013 graduate
Brad was not only present and approachable, his teaching skills were of the highest caliber. He is a master of the spoken word with a gift for conveying the most subtle in an accessible manner that resonates. He shared glimpses into the depth and dimension of yoga, and revealed the beauty of what future training would bring. You could not ask for a more comprehensive or loving training.
— Mary Novak, 2015 graduate
I feel confident to share my knowledge from the teacher training with others to enhance their lives. And I have made some lasting friendships.
— Debbie Cochrane, 2016 graduate
I appreciate the depth and detail of the content. Brad is an outstanding and dedicated facilitator. His level of knowledge and expertise is at a level I have not found with any other senior instructor or any workshops.
— Brian Lang, studio owner and 2016 graduate
As a teacher to future yoga teachers, Brad packs every minute of instruction with valuable content, an articulate delivery and every now and then, just when you think your head might pop and your body give out, a wonderful splash of humor. What a gift for Vancouver that he will be directing an affiliate branch of The College of Purna Yoga there!
— MCR, 2011 graduate
I had the privilege of having Brad as a teacher for my 200 hour Purna yoga certificate training. His impressive depth of knowledge and positive approach made a challenging experience so enjoyable and personally rewarding that I am continuing my studies. His teaching style epitomizes a rare combination of professionalism, humor and keen observation that he uses to safely guide students on that highly personal journey that is yoga.
— LA, 2011 graduate
I had the good fortune to have Brad Waites as one of my teachers for the Purna Yoga 200 hour teacher training. His instruction was clear and concise and above all taught with love. The Purna Yoga teacher training is so well thought out and thorough. You are prepared fully and have confidence when you start teaching
— SM, 2011 graduate
I have never taken another course that was better. We really practiced how to teach and word and phrase actions precisely.
— Nadine Spitteler, 2013 graduate
The training has far surpassed my expectations. Besides the asana practice, I have gained a deeper knowledge about philosophy, anatomy, and most important (and what is unique to Purna Yoga) is the meditation. . . . Brad is passionate, kind, and caring. Clearly, each student had a bond with the instructor, and we were able to reach out to him for extra training and support.
— Navin Bhatia, realtor
I most liked Brad’s enthusiasm, knowledge and obvious love of Purna Yoga. I’ve done other trainings and this by far takes yoga to a whole deeper and heart-cantered level.
— Cheryl Wallace, yoga teacher and reflexologist, 2016 grad
Now I practice yoga not just in my asana, but in my life every day.
— Kelly Isfan, healthcare leader and 2016 graduate
I truly know I received an exceptional learning experience.
— Pam Cox, 2016 graduate