I am blessed to study and teach a yoga evolved from a lineage of masters.  Sri Aurobindo, whose work is the philosophical underpinning of Purna Yoga, mastered the spiritual practices that came before him, found the Truth that unites them, and opened the door to the next phase of  human development with his work on the evolution of consciousness.  Along with the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, he laid the energetic foundation to make this transformed state a living reality.   Heartfull Meditation™ and Lifestyle, created by my direct teacher Savitri, is a direct outgrowth of her work with these masters and her  three decades of constant practice in search of Truth. 

The first principle of true teaching is that nothing can be taught. The teacher is not an instructor or task master. He is a helper and a guide.
— Sri Aurobindo

BKS Iyengar is the undisputed master of yoga asana; through a lifetime of dedication to the physical practice, he took asana to a place it had never been before.  My teacher, Aadil Palkhivala, grew up under the tutelage of Iyengar, and practiced with him for decades, often one-on-one and for hours at a time.  Iyengar sent Aadil to the West to spread the yoga, and Aadil has continued to refine and advance the asana practice, making it safe and effective for all bodies, not just those who can practice many hours a day.

Why is a lineage of masters important to me?  It means that:

  1. Purna Yoga and Heartfull Meditation™ are created from Wisdom evolved over centuries, not recent trends or fads.  I know I am receiving the essence of Yoga, not just physical health, temporary calm, or an enhanced focus.

  2. The practices hold the transformative energetic power of these masters, and when I open to that energy, integral change is more readily available to me.  I become the direct beneficiary of centuries of work by dedicated and evolved practitioners. 

  3. I am never alone in my journey.  The entire lineage holds me, supports me, encourages me, and sustains me.

  4. By honouring the lineage, I learn respect and humility, which helps me transform my ego.