Years ago, when I first tried to meditate, I watched my breath for a long time.  It went in.  It went out.  I got frustrated.  Perhaps I just didn't have the skills to succeed in what I call "passive" meditations, where you watch and wait for something to happen.  They generally made me feel blank (which is not the same thing as "peaceful") and disengaged from life.  I couldn't imagine holding on to the feeling of the meditation while actively participating in my life, so there was always an inherent and troubling separation between practice and living.

Heartfull Meditation is an active meditation that is more akin to inner asana (postures) than traditional meditation techniques.  Just as there is an optimal physical alignment for the body, there is an optimal energetic alignment for transformation.  Having this alignment naturally is much more rare than having perfect alignment of the body, but you can create it with Heartfull Meditation.

The Way Things Generally Are:

 If you are like most people, your mind is extremely active, jumping from the past to the future, and rushing willy nilly into the world to see what's going on.  You look for happiness through attachment to people, places and material objects, and some part of you is always looking for the next best thing.  You distract yourself from this generally unsatisfactory way of living with technology, entertainment, nostalgia and daydreams, or numb yourself with a glass of wine and a warm bath (or whatever you do to not feel).  If you believe you have a soul, you think it's something you might experience after you die.  

When you live this way, you let the world tell you everything -- who you are supposed to be, how you are supposed to act, and what should make you happy.  You never really know yourself.  Ever.  Submission to this habitual way of being is humanity's big mistake, and why we have continued to repeat the same mistakes and engage in the same conflicts for millennia.  Weirdly, negotiating the ill effects of this lifestyle with a smile on your face is thought of as the art of living.

Typical Energetics.png


The Way Things Are Meant to Be:

With simple, active techniques, Heartfull Meditation reverses your habitual energetics so that you act from inner truth instead of reacting to outer circumstances.  Heartfull Meditation teaches your mind to bow to the Wisdom of your heart center, and your pelvic energy to aspire to its Love; you no longer have to look solely to the outer world for guidance and fulfillment.  (You start to become FREE.)  As you expand these qualities through consistent practice, they begin to radiate into your relationships, your work, and all other facets of your life.  Changes happen.  You become a dynamic instrument of transformation, evolving your life and the world into what they are meant to be with your soul as the guide.  Life itself, not a blank slate in your mind, becomes the field in which your meditation plays out.

Sound impossible?  Here is just one simple technique that will start the process.  The Mental Centering gathers your senses, pulls your mind back from the outer world's control, and leads you to the truth of who you are.


Heartfull Meditation is the central and essential practice of Purna Yoga.  It has made more changes in my life, with grace and beauty, than any other practice I have ever done. 

Learn more about Heartfull Meditation, and meet Savitri, its creator, in these short videos.