Not Interested in Teaching Yoga? Attend Purna Yoga College Anyway.

A large portion of the students in the 200-hour Purna Yoga College trainings I have led consisted of people who initially were adamant that they didn't want to attend.  Generally speaking, they fell into two groups:  (1) practitioners, both casual and serious, who were sure they don't want to teach; and (2) 200-hour certified teachers from other disciplines who wanted to take a 500-hour rather than another 200-hour.  (More on them in a later post.)  

So, why did the "I don't want to teach" crowd invest the time, energy and money to attend the College?   Was it my charm?  My ex-lawyer persuasive abilities?  Absolutely not.  Each of them had, in their own unique way, a personal epiphany that in some form or fashion boiled down to a single realization :

"It's time.  I am ready to open my Heart, discover my Truth, and live my Purpose."

That's just another way of saying, "I am finally going to show up in my own life and take control of it."  With that realization came commitment to self and an end to excuses, making way for the part of them that aspired to start the journey of transformation.  

What we are really talking about here is purpose-driven change.  Usually, purpose is dictated to us from the outside by such things as societal norms of what "successful" and "good" people do, by circumstances that seem beyond our control, or by what seems to be most practical based on our skill set and perceived needs.  However, to obtain any type of lasting personal satisfaction or fulfillment, we eventually have to find our inner purpose, that unique and individual truth that our life is waiting to express.  There's a word for living that truth, and it's "freedom."  That's really what Purna Yoga College is about.  It's a personal empowerment program disguised as a teacher training.

So, do the program first and foremost for yourself, to discover the truth of who you are, and to express that truth more powerfully in your daily life.  Participants in the training, even at the foundational 200-hour level, generally become so inspired by their personal shifts that they gravitate towards sharing with others, and teachers are born.  But that is a secondary benefit.  Amazing, yes, but still secondary.  The program is primarily about you unearthing your latent potential, and then making choices that manifest that potential in your life.