The Amazing Purna Yoga Wrist Series

Purna Yoga has a therapeutic series to heal and nourish most every part of your body.  One that I frequently get requests for is the Wrist Series, a fairly simple series of wrist openers that has a profound healing effect.  It's great for all types of wrist pain, including carpal tunnel syndrome.  Movements from the Wrist Series are also the best releases after hand balances if you do that sort of thing.

Sample the series in the videos below

True story: one of my students broke her wrist in a fall (on New Year's eve, so we can guess what caused that).  After "healing," she still had limited wrist mobility and pain with weight-bearing.  She went to physio for months and months with no lasting improvement, so I taught her the Wrist Series.  Less than two weeks later, her pain was gone, and she was back to her full asana practice.  (And she told me she wasn't even doing the entire series, just bits and pieces as she had time.)  So, yes, it works.  I also get LOTS of "oh my god, I can't believe it" emails from participants when I teach this series at conferences.

All that's pretty cool, but the Wrist Series' greatest benefit is not pain relief; it's the boost the series gives your creative self-expression.  You use your hands to do and make stuff in the world.  Inconsistencies between what your heart wants you do, and what you are actually doing, tend to show up as blockages in your wrists.  The Wrist Series helps remove those blockages, allowing your best self to flow more freely into all your activities:  artistic expression, daily chores (such as cooking), and touching loved ones.  If you want your life to hold your love, open your wrists!

Get Started with Two Simple Movements


You are about to discover that I learned to create titles after shooting that first video, which is pretty good for a non-tekkie!  Be prepared to be wowed.  Next:  lighting, hair, and make-up.

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