Oceans and Ripples


Imagine a universal ocean of peace so vast that its calmness has a great weight and power.  At the depths of this ocean is the foundation of the peace:  a Unity without division, a Oneness without disruption.  The Oneness expresses itself as a ceaseless emanation of all-inclusive Love flowing towards everything and everyone, equally and eternally, with nothing held back. 

This ocean is the essence of harmony and seeks through the creation of beauty to express and experience itself.  Being without discord, it is supremely effective.  It created you as an expression of beauty holding Love.

You are on the surface of this ocean.  Each and every one of your thoughts, feelings and actions that is not a perfect reflection of the ocean’s Love is a pebble that you create and drop through the surface of the ocean, leaving an ever-expanding ripple of disruption.  This is your personal contribution to the ocean of peace, and it is also your creation of your life, as you now have to navigate the ripples you have caused.  

But you are small and the ocean is infinite, so what can it matter?

Multiply this one pebble by every self–centered, petty, judgmental, close-minded, harsh, ugly or habitual thought that you have ever had.  

And then by every feeling of inferiority, depression, envy, rage, jealousy, vengeance, anger, or fear.  

And then by every action fueled by any of these or similar thoughts and feelings. 

Now you begin to understand your power.


Multiply again by the number of individuals on the planet, because you are not alone on the surface of the ocean.

And then multiply by the number of humans who have lived since the dawn of humanity.

Add to this number the understanding that each of these pebbles throughout time is an energy form that will exist forever until transformed (which we know from the First Law of Thermodynamics), and therefore each pebble is eternally dropping through the surface of the ocean and forever disturbing its peace.  The ripples turn into waves and the waves begin to crash into each other, creating chaos.


We shouldn’t wonder why the world is the way that it is; we should marvel that it’s not worse, and accept this as proof of Grace.  

Many yoga and other spiritual practices urge you to dive to the depths of the ocean to immerse yourself in the bliss of Love, far away from the ripples and waves of life on the surface.  But that leaves the surface still in chaos, and you miss out on the expression of Love through full participation in life on the surface, which despite its waves has many profound experiences of great beauty, healing and transformation.

Purna Yoga and Heartfull Meditation take you to the depths of the ocean, but they also teach you to return to the surface,

bearing the


that grows from the


that is the expression of the 


that flows from


You can then think and feel and act from these attributes, and forgive yourself for each pebble you have created.  With your Love, you can transform every pebble you have ever dropped, turning each pebble into the gift of peace rediscovered and love expressed.  You can realign yourself to the harmony of the ocean, and feel the comfort of its constant support and guidance as you move through life.  

And, being blessed, you can become a blessing to others.

With great gratitude to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Savitri and Aadil, for teaching me to navigate with the ocean.  Go to the "Upcoming" tab for some opportunities to learn this skill.