The Homunculus of Meditation

How this Bit of Creepiness Can Enhance Your Meditation


The homunculus -- he's not pretty.  But he is very informative.  "Homunculus" originally referred to a miniature man allegedly made in a flask by an alchemist.  The modern version, pictured here, is a proportional representation of the sense of touch.  More sensitive areas (those with more nerve receptors), are larger than those with less sensitivity.  (The picture here is the G-rated version.)  ; ) 

Your hands are, by far, the most sensitive area of your body.  Since they have the highest density of nerve receptors, your mind tends to focus on your hands.  In Heartfull Meditation, we use this predisposition of the mind to follow the hands to create greater precision and intensity of mental focus.  You know how quickly your mind wanders when you try to make it go quiet?  Heartfull Meditation, through the use of hand movements that gather and guide energy, actually gives the mind a role in the meditation, and thereby avoids the difficulty trying to impose silence on your naturally active mind.  

Want to know how it works?  Watch this very short video featuring Savitri, the founder of Heartfull Meditation.  She demonstrates one of the many techniques of the practice that brings your energies and awareness back to the truth of who you are:  Light, expressing the feeling of Love, through the medium of Life.


Learn Heartfull Meditation in my upcoming "Creating Conscious Change" workshop, happening in Cannon Beach, Oregon, October 9 - 11, 2015, and Helsinki, Finland, December 4 - 6, 2015, and Clayton, NC, January 15 - 17. 2016.