Essential Posture: Vanarasana (Lunge)


Fun Fact: 

In the ancient Hindu text The Ramayana, the vanaras were created by Brahma and other gods to help fight on the side of good in an epic battle.  They often birthed in the form of monkeys, and were loyal, courageous and kind.  The most well known is Hanuman, for whom the full split posture is named.


Do vanarasana because:

  • it extends the hip, one of the more important movements in asana, and a movement seldom done in daily life
  • it helps reverse some of the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle by opening the hip flexors
  • it promotes good posture by reducing a cause of a forward tilt of the pelvis
  • it can alleviate a primary cause of low back pain (again, those hip flexors!)

Safe Alignment; Effective Actions

These videos tell you all you need to know (which may be more than you think!) for a safe and effective lunge.  The first video focuses on the basic posture, while the second and third address variations.