My goal is to help you embrace this opportunity through the four pillars of Purna Yoga, which are the foundation of a complete yogic lifestyle.  I teach:

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A dynamic practice focusing on the heart center that connects you to the Truth of who are and then helps you to live that Truth.

Essential Practice!

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So the way you live in each moment supports a deepening of that Truth.

Important Practice!

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So you can use the lessons of thousands of years of wisdom-seeking in a practical way in your daily life.  

Good practice if your mind needs to know the "why."


So your open and strong body can fully hold and express your Truth.

Not Important, but Necessary.

(Here's why.)

It is in each and every movement of the daily life that the Truth must be found and practised.
— The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Purna Yoga is a fully integrated methodology that addresses all aspects of your life.  In a world that hopes for change, Purna Yoga is the "how."  I teach you the "how" with clarity, precision, and a good deal of fun, which is important to an ex-lawyer.  

How do I know Purna Yoga works?

Direct experience, on a daily basis, along with observation of others committed to the practice, including my teachers.  The moment that led me to Purna Yoga:


As one of less than 50-teachers worldwide to be certified at the 2000-hour by the College of Purna Yoga, I now travel the world teaching others how to change from within.  I lead workshops at studios and conferences internationally, and I am the director and lead faculty member of the College of Purna Yoga Vancouver.  You can find out more about me from this short television interview: