Like most people, I aspire to a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.  For decades, I spent a lot of time and energy -- college, graduate school, long hours as a litigation partner in a Dallas law firm -- trying to find and do the "perfect" thing, certain that was the key to happiness.  What did I discover after years of careful planning and effort?  You can't figure out your purpose with your brain, so put down the "pros and cons" list.  No one else knows why you're here, so stop looking outside yourself for the answer.  Fulfillment is not a matter of luck, so don't keep hoping to be in the right place at the right time.  Purpose can only be revealed through a deep relationship with the wisdom of your heart, because your individual truth resides exclusively within you.  Living that truth takes effort, intention, and most practically -- a method that works.  

Most modern yoga doesn't evolve your life towards your true purpose, and frankly isn't designed to.  Sure, it improves physical health, mental clarity, and emotional calm (and those are admittedly great benefits), but it then sends you back to the same old life that undermines wellness, creates monkey mind, and stresses you out.  That's an infinite cycle of non-progression, and it sells an ancient wisdom practice very short.  Yoga is meant to align your life to your inner truth so that you are clear, calm and happy as a result of being who you are meant to be.  Otherwise, what's the point?


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Purna is the only yoga I have found (and I have done a lot of searching) that focuses on transforming your life, not just your response to it.  It starts with a basic belief of most spiritual practice:  you hold inside a spark of the energy that created the universe.  That energy has certain characteristics -- Wisdom, Love, Abundance, Creativity, Joy -- that have been verified by all who have experienced it.  If you want your life to fully hold these qualities, you must find and nurture that spark within you.  It is ultimately who you are, and you will NEVER be fulfilled until it is fully expressed in all aspects of your life.  (Think about the implications of that for a moment.)  The alternative?  Live like I did as a lawyer, trying to impose your ego's will on a world that's not listening and isn't necessarily interested in giving you what you think you need to be happy.  And good luck with that -- most of human history is a verification that it doesn't work.

Purna Yoga is all about the "how."  At some point, we've all heard or read the mandate "Go Within."  Standing alone, that teaching is not that helpful.  (Without more, it's actually just a recipe for frustration.)  What we need is the "how."  Where, exactly, do you look for your inner truth?  How do you recognize it?  What's the difference between your inner voice telling you what's true and your mind rationalizing what your ego wants?  If truthful Self-guidance is the key to fulfillment, the process for accessing it must not remain obscure or mysterious; studying yoga should be as clear and effective as attending a trade school.

Purna Yoga shows you where in your body to find your Truth, and uses clear, concrete techniques to help you find your inner spark and make it the central guiding force of your life.  The techniques have been refined over decades, and anyone can master them regardless of age, experience, or ability.  Purna Yoga teaches you to create a lifestyle that supports your growth, to monitor your progress without judgment, and what to do if you feel stuck. Purna Yoga is comprehensive and results-oriented; it makes measurable changes in the totality of your life -- career, relationships, sex, money, and health.  

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Here's one example of how these techniques have changed my life:

Before Purna Yoga, most of my sense of connection came through interaction with the outside world.  (And doesn't most everybody's?)  When we look first to the outer world for love, we always have a continuous subconscious loop playing:  "Am I going to get the love I need today?"  We're in constant survival mode for love, which creates shadow elements of attachment, bargaining, demand, jealousy, etc.  (That's essentially what the plot of most every book, movie and song boils down to.)  With Purna Yoga, I moved past the surface part of me that needs love and discovered the deeper aspect of me that IS love.  This inner love is infinite, which makes space for me to give love from a place of abundance instead of seeking love from a place of lack.  Loving for the joy of it, instead of for the need of a return, has dramatically improved the quality and quantity of love that I give, and therefore receive.  Even the people you are closest to (perhaps especially the people you are closest to) respond to you very differently when there is not an inherent demand in your affection.  Every positive relationship I am in has improved, which is a blessing for me and everyone around me.  That's a game-changer in a way that learning crow pose never can or will be. 


My role as a teacher:

As a Purna Yoga teacher, my job is to communicate this methodology to you with clarity and precision, and to offer you guidance and support as you create purpose-driven change.  As a result of all of those years in the courtroom, I am well trained to communicate big ideas in an understandable way.  (Try explaining the intricacies of accounting malpractice to twelve people whose sole qualification is having a driver's license, and you'll see what I mean.)  For over a decade as a yoga teacher, I've built on that foundation of clear communication, putting as much effort into becoming a skilled teacher as I have into evolving my own practice.  

Before I started studying Purna Yoga, I completed a 500-hour professional level certificate at Kripalu Center.  As both a volunteer and Director of Program Operations, I lived and taught at Kripalu, leading classes, workshops and weekend intensives to thousands of guests annually.  Once I found Purna Yoga, I enrolled in its two-year, 2000-hour teacher training program.  After completing my certification, I was asked to serve on the faculty of Purna Yoga College.  As part of the college faculty, I have been trained in the art of teaching teachers, completing its "Teacher Training for Teacher Trainers" program (currently the only such training in the world), as well as intensive Purna Yoga therapeutics trainings.  I continue to apprentice with and be mentored by Purna Yoga co-founder and legendary "teacher of teachers" Aadil Palkhivala, and I make a 7-hour round trip weekly to continue my studies with Savitri, creator of Heartfull Meditation. 

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 As one of less than 50-teachers worldwide to be certified at the 2000-hour in Purna Yoga, I lead workshops at studios and conferences, as well as teacher trainings, internationally.  I have been a co-lead or solo faculty member for more than a dozen 200-hour teacher trainings, and I have taught at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference, the Asia Yoga Conference, the Vancouver Yoga Conference, the Toronto Yoga Conference and the Cannon Beach Yoga Festival.  I lead workshops throughout North America, and I also teach in select studios in Europe.  

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