It describes both the goal of change – unity with and expression of your Truth in all aspects of your life – and the time-tested techniques that create that change.  

Using Purna Yoga and Heartfull Meditation™, I evolved from a life that appeared wonderfully successful from the outside to one with an inner clarity that gives me both freedom and fulfillment.  My mission in teaching these practices is to share powerful tools that will help you create and navigate your own change, so you can live your Truth in your relationships, career, and personal life.  

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When it comes to change, you know the “why”:  to live a better life in a better way. 

The “what” is often more unclear – what should be the specific goal of your change?  And the “how” can be downright daunting until you learn concrete techniques that give you the clarity and power to create effective change. 

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This video will help you understand why you are stuck, unclear of your objectives, or uncertain about what to do.  It also includes a centering practice to help you align your inner energies for change.